Player & Volunteer Profiles


Kris Walters, Veteran and Club Treasurer


Kris grew up in Tasmania and eventually got sick of the cold and moved to QLD. Enlisted in the Army Reserves in 2007, loved it and decided to go full time in 2009 ultimately ending up at 8/9 RAR. Kris has deployed to Timor Leste (2010), Afghanistan (2012), and Iraq (2016).

Not much of a footballer, you’re more likely to see him catching a wave on his board than catching a footy, Kris joined the Veterans FC as the club treasurer as a way of not only supporting vets, but keeping in touch with them post discharge from the army. Thanks Kris!

Thomas 'Fordy' Ford, Veteran, Player & Co-Captain

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here he is. The best looking bloke on the team. Thomas 'Fordy' Ford.

Tom is the Co-Captain of the Brisbane Vets

Tom grew up on Bribie Island and started his footy career at Bribie Island Warrigals for a short time of 2 years before joining the army as an infantry soldier in 2008. Tom is currently still serving. Tom deployed to East Timor in 2010 and Afghanistan in 2015. On both trips, he has carried the love of footy with him throughout. Tom has the honour of being the first co-captain of the team with Luke in this fantastic club and group of people. Mate we couldn't ask for a better bloke to have as our co-captain and also within the club.

Welcome to Queensland Physiotherapy

Ian founded Queensland Physiotherapy in 2015 to fulfil his vision of providing patients with high quality, hands on care and supplying people with the tools to keep them feeling their best. He has a particular interest in spinal pain, lower back pain, neck pain and headaches and enjoys working with patients from all walks of life.

Ian has a passion for sports physiotherapy and is a member of the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) Sports Physio Group. He has worked with junior and elite sporting teams, both internationally and here in Australia, including Super League Rugby League with Huddersfield Giants. He also toured as Team Physiotherapist for the Queensland U20’s State of Origin team four years running and served as club Physiotherapist for the Pine Hills Football Club over the past 7 years.


Ian is very passionate about what he does and loves having a laugh with his patients along the way.

From our conveniently located practice in Albany creek, on the Northside of Brisbane, Queensland Physiotherapy offers a hands-on approach to treatment, meaning our therapists get stuck in from the get go! Gone are the days of being thrown on a machine and handed a sheet of exercises. Whether it be an achy back or a twisted ankle; we provide treatment for a wide-range of conditions, including spinal pain, sports injuries, work-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, pregnancy pain and much more.

Australian Warfighter Coffee, Sponsor to Brisbane Veterans RLFC


Australian Warfighters is about 2 Veterans of different operational experiences who have come together to provide a page of support for all of our followers. 

We have a different take on how we do things with Australian Warfighters. We are not a charity nor a non-for profit organisation. We have found that there are many people out there who run these type of pages who do not support our community, so we wanted to be different. 

We run this page solely from our own pensions and on the occasion, we run merchandise through our business partners who help put funds towards a charity of our choosing. 


We have in the past also kindly received donations from some of our followers as we have developed a trust and rapport with them to feel comfortable to donate. 


Situation: Veteran Coffee is lacking in Australia


Mission: Release a Veteran owned and Veteran operated a line of Coffee. We all know that a good brew in the morning is a must and we want to bring Australia a quality range of coffee.


Execution: At Warfighter Coffee, we will source blends of coffee from local roasters to support Australian businesses. We have done considerable research into the market and litres of Coffee has been consumed to bring you the best range we can. We are not about profit, so we have tailored our pricing to be the best out there.  

To execute the awareness of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and homelessness, we give back to the veteran community every time a bag of coffee or accessory is sold. It will go towards a training course for veterans or family members in the art of barista work. Once our coffee is widespread, we will assist a Veteran start up his own coffee van. If this goes well, we can help more veterans create their own coffee van businesses. We will also donate to charities of our choice throughout the year.

If Warfighters can produce enough awareness of the above for mentioned conditions by cafes and veteran-owned coffee vans, we will also use the funds to eventually build a 'diggers rest' where veterans and their families can come to if they are in dire situations or anyone who needs support.


Atts and Dets: Scorpion Projects, Delta Echo Apparel, Young Veterans. All veteran owned Australian businesses.


Comms: Refer to our Contact Us page at


Weber Automotive, Major Sponsor to Brisbane Veterans RLFC


Barry’s Father, Peter, served in Vietnam with 5 RAR 1969 and was involved in the Battle of Binh Ba during 6-7 June 1969.


Although Barry never served he was forth coming in sponsoring our Club because of this dad’s service.   We thank Barry’s dad, Peter, for his service to his country and we appreciate the sponsorship of Weber Automotive.


Weber Automotive is a Family Owned & Run, mechanical workshop servicing & repairing all types of cars, trucks, trailers & caravans. Over 25 years experience. Safety Certificates for cars & trailers.

Conveniently located in Brendale, Weber Automotive specialise in car servicing providing top quality mechanical work on all makes and models. Weber Automotive is an Approved Commercial Fleet Vehicle Servicing centre.

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality vehicle servicing on all makes & models… including Diesel vehicles, 4WD’s & trailers.







The Weber Team



      Barry Weber (CEO  & Mechanic):

           Barry has been a mechanical for over 24    

           years and is constantly learning new things.  

           Barry is training in all types of servicing &  

           repairing all types of cars, trucks, trailers &

           caravans. 24 year’s experience. RWC for

           cars & trailers.






     Sharon Weber: Administrator for the company



      Jacob William:   Full Time Apprentice














Jared Wyllie:  School Based Apprentice

CPL Mason 'Smithy' Smith, Veteran and Player

'I started playing at a young age, my first club was Bribie Island Rugby League Football Club - Warrigals where I played for 8 years and made the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay squad, playing in the state championships.


I joined the Army straight out of High School serving at 8/9RAR where I made the rank of Corporal and served a deployment overseas in 2016.

After 7 years of full-time service I transferred to reserves late last year.


In the last 2 years I've recently started playing rugby league again after a 5 year break joining the Army. I was lucky enough to play in the Brisbane 1st grade grand final with Pine Central Holy Spirit RLFC last year.'

What does Brisbane Veterans RLFC mean to you❓

'Brisbane Vets gives the opportunity for both current and ex-service members with similar experiences to come together and play a sport with a common goal.

We will be making history as an all serving sports team in a civilian competition and see a future where we will make our mark within the veteran community.

Rugby League has been a passion of mine since I was little and for it to be combined with another huge part of my life is a great and rare opportunity. I look forward to kicking off the season!'

     The Club President, Aaron Wallis

Here it is! Our very first post of our Veterans and Volunteers series showcasing our incredible players and volunteers of Brisbane Vets! 🏉

Veterans & Volunteers #1 – Our fearless President, player and veteran LCPL AARON “WALLY” WALLIS

“I have been playing Rugby League since I was 12 years old starting at Waterford Demons u/12 in 1999. As time progressed, I have played in the Arthur Sparks Shield U/20s and moved on to play for South Grafton Rebels A Grade in 2007.


After a season here I returned back to Brisbane to join the Army. After my training I was posted to 8/9 RAR and continued to play both League and Union.


In recent years I have been working on the admin side for Brisbane Veterans and gaining committee members. Once the committee was established, we have worked hard to get the club to where it is today.”

Why did you start Brisbane Vets and what does it mean to you?

“I have transferred to Army Reserves and now I have been voted in as President as well as a player. My goal is to fill the gap of servicemen and servicewomen who transition to civilian world by bringing them back into a team environment.


Brisbane Veterans RLFC is fostering networking between family and friends of our veterans. The future I see is set up rugby league and build on this until we can bring in another sport. This will be voted in by our community. Plan for the future is something for everybody to follow as I can’t mention it as yet.”


General Football Manager

 Wayne "Lordy" Lord

'I have been playing football since I was 10 years old.

My first club was Grenfell NSW and my position was hooker.
I played football in several country towns over the following years and was selected in a couple of country rep sides.
I first played Reserve Grade and A Grade when I was 17 years old just prior to joining the army.
I joined the army in 1971 and was allocated to the R.A.Sigs Corps. I progressed through the ranks till I reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2.
Along the way I played Rugby Union and League for local and army teams. I was also fortunate enough to coach a couple of these teams.
My first coaching role was when I was 14 years old when I coached an under 12 team.
Since then I have coached every age group from under 6’s to open seniors.
I spent 25 years coaching at one club in the Brisbane district and only just finished 5 years ago.

What does Brisbane Vets mean to you?

Being an ex-serviceman, I have always believed that Rugby League is a great meeting place for all veterans to meet and renew friendships, make new friends and provide the support that is lacking in the civvy world.
The transition from structured, coordinated, and disciplined life in the service to civvy street can be very hard. Providing this form of outlet helps veterans to come together while playing the sport they love.
I agree with Aaron, that this concept could be set up across the state of Queensland and also every state of Australia to help veterans and to give them direction.